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[car 2] Mike D'Olimpio, president of Delta Motorsports LLC continues the excellence and interest in British Marques which you have come to expect from us! Delta's founder and former owner, Jim Medland, had a history of owning British cars since purchasing a new 1957 Austin Healey 100-6, which he entered in a few parking lot events with the South Bend Region SCCA. The bug hit hard! After moving to Phoenix in the fall of 1958, he entered Hill Climbs and dirt track races, (yeah really) with the Healey. He soon found himself bending wrenches for a small independent shop and eventually purchased a 1954 XK120 Jag, which he also raced both in local club races and in SCCA nationals. Later his stable included an AC Bristol Lotus S+7 and a Formula V. All the while he was gaining experience in parts and service of British cars, including a long stint as service manager of a Phoenix Jaguar/BMC dealership. Finally a new Lotus/Jensen dealer, International Motorcars, LTD opened and recruited him as their service manager. He was hooked by a new black Healey and has never looked back. With the demise of Jensen Car Company, LTD., in England, a niche market developed from the need of Jensen owners for help in maintaining their treasured cars.

Led by Jim, Delta Motorsports was formed August 1, 1977 by ex parts and service personnel and customers of International Motorcars, Ltd., to provide parts and service to the suddenly orphaned Jensen owners in the state of Arizona.

It soon became apparent that the need extended far beyond our state borders, and we began to advertise in several national publications and distributed a single page catalog.

Through fair pricing and prompt, efficient service, we soon published a second, then third etc. catalogs. Each was larger and more comprehensive until we arrived at our present 32 page book. Meanwhile, in October of 1985, we were granted a US Distributorship by Jensen Car Company, Ltd of West Bromwich, England.

As time passed, we noted some critical parts becoming less and less available. It was then that we realized if we did not initiate reproduction of these items, the cars would soon become unusable and end up in bone yards all over the United States. This was unacceptable.

Our first repro parts were fiberglass body panels and spoilers, which saved a number of cars from the scrap heap. We still sell a quantity of these, notably spoilers which are tremendous aids to cooling. Next came replacement headers and exhaust systems, suspension bushings and ball joints. We also supply steel floor pans and rocker/sill assemblies; seat and carpet kits, tonneaus and top boots, etc, etc, etc. We ship many parts, such as pistons, gaskets and suspension bushings to England, where these parts have become essentially obsolete.

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