Engine Electrical

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Lucas alternator - 3/4 in. band
(exchange unit must have 3/4 in. band for core refund)
Lucas alternator - 1/2 in. band114029
Delco alternator, exch114015
11Starter, exch116284
not illStarter solenoid1TOB159
14Engine ground lead191410
17Water temp. sender191428
18Ignition coil1DLB102
19Ballast resistor147222
24Vacuum distributor193973
Centrifugal dist193702
27Contact set193957
not i11Primary lead154417569
29O-ring distributor1188639
33Plug wire set 7 mm DMS93706
Plug wire set 8 mm DMS93706-8
Plug wire set 8.5 mm DMS93706-8.5
35Spark plug493708
37O.E. type fuel pump113-07M
O.E. type solid state fuel pump1AZX1307EN
38Pump to body bracket192912
39Pump mounting grommet266626
not illEngine harness197049
LH '73 rear lamp cluster assembly190019
LH '74-on rear lamp cluster assembly197086
38Stop/tail lens294198
39Reverse lens294199
40Flasher lens293905
41Lens gasket293906
43Stop/tail bulb2LLB380
44Reverse and flasher socket493909
46Lamp gasket293911
50License plate lamp290600
not illMap light assembly150569
not illBulb1LLB239

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