Interceptor Cooling System

Note: "Early" refers to engines before # 2760

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Radiator, rebuilt II1NLS
Super pak radiator, rebuilt1NLS
4Flat radiator cap1CT3136
24Radiator pressure cap1CT6119
38Top radiator hose1CT6844
433 hole radiator fan switch1CT7568
44Gasket for above1CT6534
43Screw in fan switch1CT1010
56Trans cooler hose2CT3660
59Necked botton hose1CT7088
60Straight bottom hose1CT7089
1 piece bottom hose1CT6845
63Fan & motor, II2CT3149
Fan & motor, Bosch2CT6264B
Fan motor, 3 fan378550
67Cowl, early cars1CT5315
Cowl with fans, G cars1CT6593
Cowl, late 2 fan cars1CT7078
3 fan cowl with fans1CT8087
not illHi volume water pump13780196

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