Interceptor Door Fittings & Electrics

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Door frame seal275071
2Top channel seal275621
3Side channel seal475620
4RH frame with vent175164
LH frame with vent175165
5RH vent glass172524
LH vent glass172525
6Rear rubber seal272398
7Front rubber seal272399
8RH door glass171954
LH door glass171955
10RH waist finisher171029
LH waist finisher171030
11Door waist seal275116
12Door hinge470083
13Door hinge pin471428
14Hinge pin clip4CT526
15Hinge to door screw1665225
16Light switch buffer270561
17Door check strap270939
18Back plate270923
19Check strap packer472002
20Check strap clevis266971
35Lock to door screw865262
36Door lock striker292949
40RH door handle assembly176369
LH door handle assembly176370
45Door handle gasket272124
69Door lock solenoid275484
not illDoor warning lamp2CT2440
not illBulb2LLB643
not illIgnition buzzer1CT4832
not illLamp delay relay1CT6142
not illLamp door switch1CT3947
not illDoor lock switch1CT6499
not illRH reg. with motor176305
not illLH reg. with motor176306
not illRH window motor176308
RH rebuilt motor176308R
not illLH window motor176309
LH rebuilt motor176309R
not illGear set176307
Note: Rebuilt motors are supplied without gears.

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