Front Cover And Water Pump

Note: "Early" refers to engines before # 2760

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
2Front cover193652
not illEarly cover194056
3Crankshaft oil seal193653
4Front cover gasket193654
7Crank pulley194043
not illEarly pulley193655
11Water pump assembly194356
13-16Water pump kit with gasket193457
22Fan, 72 & 74 JH194152
not illFan, 75 JH & GT198374
not illFan clutch199130
23Water pump gasket193667
24Long water pump bolt167014
25Short water pump bolt467006
26Plain washer993477
27Thermostat, 82o193668
Thermostat, 74oA/RQTH167
28Thermostat gasket193669
29Thermostat cover191485
33Elbow hose193670
36Hose, to manifold193673
Hose, not OE 93637A
38Fan belt, see below
72-74 JH
 Water pump1QBA937
 Water pump with A/C1QBA963
 A/C Comp1QBB838
75 JH
 Water pump1QBA937
 Air pump1QBA813
 Water pump1QBA900

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