Stromberg Carburetors

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1O-ring & gasket2Yellow Pack
2Sealing plug O-ring2B20767
3Long screw4B19224
Short screw2B19225
5Float and arm assembly2819470
6Float pivot2B18613
7Float valve2B19053
9Metering needle, B1DK2B23619
9Metering needle, B1CM2B22290
10Needle set screw2019673
11Piston return spring2B18277
12Damper assembly2B18508
13Damper washer2P5439
14RH throttle shaft1B19866
15Throttle shaft seal3B18032
27LH throttle shaft1B19556
28Throttle disc2019608
34Fast idle screw1B17562
35Lock nut1B19480
36Throttle stop screw2019532
37Throttle stop spring2019508
38Choke assembly1B22583
39Choke cable bracket1B17241
40Choke cable clip193754
41Choke gasket assembly1B18824
Choke control screw2B17844
Washer for above2L1402
42Dashpot screw8019654
43Decel valve2B19541
44Decel diaphragm264-014A
45Temp compensator2B19655
45Temp compensator cover2B17933
46Large sealing washer2B17946
47Small sealing washer2B17947
Compensator screw409200
50Control valve194079
51Control valve brkt194049
52Mixture adjust screw2820042
53Adjuster O-ring2019657
not illRetaining washer2B19995
54Main jet2B21582

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Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
Rebuilt Stromberg carbs, pair, exchange
(Phone for availability)
not illCarb overhaul kit2ZE15K
not illDecel diaphram264014A
not illFlange gasket293634
not illFlange O-ring293631
not illThackery washer893630
not illRubber thackeryA/R94569
not illCup for aboveA/R94594
Stromberg manual 10240
Mixture adjust tool B20379
Unisyn synchronizer 4025A
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