Fuel System

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Fuel tank1N/A
Stainless fuel tank1N/A
Fuel tank, rebuilt197519R
2Drain plug gasket190409
3Drain plug190410
4Pressure valve190411
8Tank unit191169
Rebuilt tank unit191169R
9Tank unit seal191170
10Tank unit lock ring191171
16Fuel filler hose190420
18Fuel filler cap190421
Locking fuel capA/R97635
19Filler neck grommet190146
20Evap loss canister192003
23Canister elbow292034
24Elbow to tee tube192339
25Tee piece192027
26Tee to carb tube292340
29Boot floor grommet166613
41Banjo washer491664T
47Fuel filter191666
55Boot floor grommet266609
56Dual pipe clip591669
57Single pipe clip691670
59Breather grommet166625

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