Why should I buy from Delta?

Delta Motorsports, in Phoenix, Arizona, has the country's largest inventory of parts for both the Jensen Healey and Interceptor.

We are continually sourcing new avenues of supply and improved pricing for those hard to get parts, as well as arranging for the manufacturing of obsolete items. We even ship some parts to England. We also manufacture interior parts, such as seat and carpet kits, door and side panel kits, top boots and car covers.

Most, but certainly not all, of our merchandise is listed in our online illustrated catalog. If you don't find what you need listed there, please call us. We usually can supply whatever parts you need.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you sort out problems with your Jensen. Jim was service manager for the Phoenix Lotus / Jensen dealership from 1974 to 1977. As such, he received factory training as well as hands on experience.

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How do I buy from Delta?

Although we will accept e-mail orders, we much prefer a phone call. Questions and answers by e-mail can stretch a simple 5 -10 minute conversation into days. A telephone call enables us to help you diagnose problems and recommend the correct parts and procedures to get your Jensen back on the road in record time. Besides, most long distance costs a nickel or less per minute, and we get to hear your voice. Call us at 602-265-8026.

Please see our page which details our service, order, and shipping policies for more information.

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