Body Complete

Note: "Early" refers to VIN before 13350

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
10Left front wing, late192331
Fight front wing, late192332
Left front wing, early191350
Fight front wing, early191351
Left front wing, fiberglass1DMS92331
Fight front wing, fiberglass1DMS92332
21Scoop panel191134
26Wiring grommet466603
28Left rear wing192659
Right rear wing192660
Left rear wing, fiberglass1DMS92659
Right rear wing, fiberglass1DMS92660
34Rear wing moulding292398
48Fiberglass bonnet1DMS91705
49Bonnet safety catch192155
53LH hinge190655
RH hinge190656
54Bonnet hinge spring291920
60Boot lid190430
Boot lid, fiberglass1DMS90430
61LH boot lid hinge197364
RH boot lid hinge197363
not illDoor stop assembly291233
73LH door shell198011
RH door shell198012
78LH door hinge299733
RH door hinge299734
not illDoor hinge pin490107
79Rear deck panel190015
81LH rocker & sill1DMS90436
RH rocker & sill1DMS90437
82Rear panel198036
83RH floor Panel1DMS90000
LH floor panel1DMS90001
84Left front seat x-member1DMS90475
Fight front seat x-member1DMS90476
Left rear seat x-member1DMS98265
Right rear seat x-member1DMS91034
85Radiator panel191496

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