Doors And Fittings

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1LH door shell198011
RH door shell198012
2LH droplight glass190112
RH droplight glass190113
3Droplight channel490347
5Left quarter light assembly190327
Right quarter light assembly190328
6Rubber Moulding292882
15LH window regulator190185
RH window regulator190186
17Crank screw265714
18Window crank290169
21Window crank spacer290965
22LH romote control190170
RH remote control190171
25LH interior handle190157
RH interior handle190158
28LH control rod190159
RH control rod190160
29Linkage clip292071
31Lock control rod290161
34LH back channel190221
RH back channel190222
35LH outside handle190167
RH outside handle190168
36Door handle gasket2DMS90350
37Door handle clip490353
39LH exterior lock190356
RH exterior lock190357
not illLock gasket1DMS90358
44LH latch190165
RH latch190166
47LH mirror, not OE1M68991
RH mirror, not OE1M68990

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