Interceptor Engine

Note: "Early" refers to engines before # 2760

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
7Oil ga. transmitter1CT3969
8Oil trans sw. adaptor1S378
9Oil pressure switch1CT6673
20Hi temp valve cover gasket, pair1VS50145R
not illHi performance timing chain and gear set1220-4103
(0.E. chains and gears normally fail at about 80,000 miles)
29Thermostat gasket135063
30160o thermostat133036
180o thermostat133038
190o thermostat133039
31Temp ga. transmitter1CT4180
33P/s belt, early18545
J series on17508
34Alt. belt, early19590
A/C & alt belt, late27580
35Water pump belt, late17370
52Plug gasket170822
57Air cleaner grommet1CT6296
62Oil filler cap1CT6295
Oil filler cap, late1CT7318
not illFiller cap gasket1CT7317
63Crankcase vent seal1CT6314
69Idler w/ bearing14041405
383 intake gasket set1MS96007
440 intake gasket set1MS96000
Head gasket set1HS7891-PT11
Exhaust gasket set1MS90029
Valve seal set (corrects most common cause of oil burning)1SS70014
Timing cover gasket set1TCS12460-2
Lower gasket set1CS7891-2
not illHi vol. oil pump12244174

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