Interceptor Fuel System

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
6Vapour separator13777867
11Hi volume fuel pump1255-6903
12Fuel pump gasket16579
20Fuel filter198194
34Fuel tank less float1CT4857
35Fuel tank float unit1CT6501
36Float unit lock ring1CT6363
37Float sealing ring191170
49Expansion tank1CT6160
50Exp tank relief valve190411
57Fuel filler hose1CT4897
62Filler bowl assembly1CT6181
not illHinge assembly171776
79Warning light switch191254
92Filler bowl lid173791
96Fuel filler cap1CT6252
107Carbon canister assembly14271982
108Canister filter13577586
127E.G.R. valve13769670
132K&N element1E-1530
K&N element 6 pack1E-1980
K&N service kitA/R99-5000
not illHolley replacement carb and kit, new11-319

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