Interceptor Accelerator And Gearshift Controls

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
19383 acc. cable with plate & ball joint1CT6582
20383 acc. cable assembly1CT6564
440 acc. cable assembly1CT7211
28Clevis pin166950
29Split pin167150
50Shift cable clevis1CT2620
51Clevis pin266971
53Gaiter bellows1CT4200
55Gearshift cable1CT2622
64Reverse switch191254
65Reverse switch locknut291255
67Gearshift gate1CT2547
69Gearshift knob1CT6365
Shift knob, rebuilt1CT6365R
70Shift knob spring1CT6025
71Shift knob button1CT6026
72Shift knob set screw1CT6027

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