Interceptor Heater And Air Conditioning

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
2Heater core1CT4042
7Vacuum actuator2CT4045
12Evaporator, G/H cars1CT6070
Evaporator, later1CT7236
28Actuator trunnion1CT4047
30Comp. thermostat1CT4141
35Water valve152091
Water valve (economy) 52091A
36Core to valve hose1CT6247
37Engine core hose, G/H1CT7685
Engine core hose, J1CT7685
38Valve to engine hose1CT7686
43Blower & motor assembly1CT6279
Blower motor resistor2CT4476
44Blower motor hose1CT4723
46Blower motor gasket1CT6287
47Blower motor assembly1CT6285
48Blower fan rotor1CT6286
50Expansion valve1CT4990
54Drier/exp. valve hose1CT3719
61Evap/York comp hose1CT4705
Evap/"V" comp hose1CT6906
'76 evap/comp hose1CT8079
63Receiver/drier unit1CT4139A
69T-hose to drier1CT4333
70Condenser to T hose1CT3720
71Cond/York comp hose1CT3721
Cond/"V" comp hose1CT6907
'76 cond/comp hose1CT8078

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