Interceptor Front Suspension

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
2Outer bearing2CT5796
3Inner bearing2CT5795
5Wheel nut10CT6270
6Hub cap2CT3736
8Hub nut washer2CT3446
9Hub seal assembly2CT3447
18Stub axle2CT3419
20Tab washer4CT3436
21Lower ball pin2CT3432
Lower ball joint kit
(Includes ball pin, nut, boot & clips)
22Cap & socket assembly2CT3433
Bushing onlyA/RCT3433/C
24Shim 0.002 inA/RCT3434
25Shim 0.004 inA/RCT3435
26Ball joint boot2CT3438
29Vertical link2CT3418
31RF/LR upper arm2CT6767
LF/RR upper arm2CT6768
32Rubber bushing4CT3423
Prothane upper A arm bushings (Set of 4)
(No prescollan washer req.)
1 set11-45029
33Caster shim2CT3424
34Upper ball joint2CT3420
37Nyloc nut465406
38Packing piece6CT3425
43Rebound rubber2CT3618
44Shock absorber2CT7964
KYB shock absorber (See KYB Shocks)2KG4510
53Bump rubber stop2CT3619
60Nyloc nut (5/8" UNF)265405
63Coil spring pad2CT3735
64Spring, to VIN 42772CT3620
Spring, from VIN 42782CT6415
65Inner washer4CT3425
66Prescollan washer8CT3430
69Upper fulcrum shaft2CT3428
73Camber shim4CT6227
751/8" packing plateA/RCT3663
761/16" packing plateA/RCT3664
77Sway bar1CT4710
80Sway bar mount strap2CT388
81Sway bar mounting2CT387
84RH sway bar link126868
84LH sway bar link126869
85Lower A arm2CT3442
86Lower A arm bushing4CT3443
Prothane lower A arm bushings (Set of 4)
(No prescollan washer req.)
1 set11-45028
90Prescollan washer8CT3445
91Lower fulcrum shaft2CT3444
94RF spring assembly pan1CT3641
94LF spring assembly pan1CT3642
97RH steering arm1CT3404
97LH steering arm1CT3405
98Nyloc nut465407
Ask about polyurethane suspension bushing sets.

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