Interceptor Rear Axle, Suspension, Propshaft

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Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
2Hub nut2CT5076
6Hub oil seal1CT5075
8Shim 0.003 inA/RCT5214
Shim 0.030 inA/RCT5217
Shim 0.005 inA/RCT5215
Shim 0.010 inA/RCT5216
9Hub bearing2CT5074
10Axle shaft2CT5043
11Inner oil seal2CT5222
12Axle shaft key2CT5221
18Diff cover gasket1CT5180
19Drain & filler plug1CT5144
20Pinion yoke1CT5954
22Pinion flange nut1CT5220
25Hub assembly2CT8159
26Disc brake, MKIII2CT4966
Disc brake, MKII2CT3250
27Disc/hub lock nut1065407
28Wheel nut10CT6270
not illWheel stud10CT8170
30Shock absorber2CT6684
KYB Shock absorber (See KYB Shocks)2KG5438
39Road spring2CT7995
45Road spring bush226108
46Rear shackle assembly2CT236
47Shackle bush8CT282
53Bump stop252197
57Panhard rod bushing490520
58Panhard rod assembly1CT1180
64Propshaft U/joint2CT5691
71Powerlok assembly1CT5145
721.50 ID oil seal1CT5163
1.75 ID oil seal1CT5955
73Outer bearing1CT5179
74Shim 0.003 inA/RCT5165
Shim 0.005 inA/RCT5169
Shim 0.010 inA/RCT5167
75Inner bearing1CT5178
762.88:1 gear set1CT5146
3.07:1 gear set1CT5147
77Crush sleeve1CT5177
78Shim 0.003 inA/RCT5168
Shim 0.005 inA/RCT5166
Shim 0.010 inA/RCT5172
Shim 0.030 inA/RCT5463

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