Wiring Harnesses, Cables & Leads

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Forward harness. Connects to facia harness behind battery box by antenna. 60 amp alt. To VIN 2310/12881CT7154
1Forward harness. Connects to facia harness between firewall and glove box. Cut and reuse metal plate at firewall;replace terminals on facia harness. 100 amp alt. From VIN 2310/12891CT7673
not illIgnition switch relay harness1CT7460
not illThermo switch lead1CT7509
2Body harness, to VIN 2310/12881CT7153
2Body harness, from VIN 2310/12891CT7672
3Facia panel harness, to VIN 58651CT6484
3Facia panel harness, from VIN 5866 to 2310/12881CT7156
3Facia panel harness, from VIN 1230/12891CT7671
4Switch panel harness, Up to VIN 2310/12881CT6398
not illPositive to solenoid battery lead1CT2787
not illConvertible top harness151009
not illFuse box with cover337416
not illFuse box cover3CT5499
not ill18 assorted fuses fuse setA/RCT5142

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