Interceptor Grilles, Badges, Finishers

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Jensen bonnet badge170053
2Badge push on fix267160
3RH side vent grille175325
3LH side vent grille175324
9Scuttle top grille173793
11RH gutter finisher171115
LH gutter finisher171116
12RH "A" post finisher171027
LH "A" post finisher171028
13RH "B" post finisher171072
LH "B" post finisher171073
14RH 1/4 lite finisher175406
LH 1/4 lite finisher175407
15Body seal finisher275619
16Kick strip275228
17RH lower finisher172173
LH lower finisher172174
18RH sill tread plate175230
LH sill tread plate175231
19RH sill finisher, advise model and year175233
LH sill finisher, advise model and year175234
20Sill clip finisher1071083
21Jack hole cover/plug471256
27Radiator grille171187
32RH headlamp grille175237
LH headlamp grille175238
37Grille badge175352
38Badge location plate175761
41Air extractor bezel274064
42Bezel cover plate272513
43"Jensen" motif270052
44Motif to bezel bush467160
45"J" badge191603
46"J" badge push fix466830
47"MK III" badge175616
48Push fix267160

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