Cylinder Head

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Cylinder head assembly194123
Cylinder head, rebuit194123R
239 mm diameter core plug293591
342 mm diameter core plug294124
7/8 in diameter core plug393592
6Valve guide1693595
Guide (+.002")A/R94204
Guide (+.005")A/R94205
8Pressure plug
Note: These plugs may also be used to block AIR injection ports on air pump engines.
9Cam housing stud2093877
10Inlet valve893599
11Exhaust valve893600
12Spring seat washer1693601
13Outer valve spring1693602
14Inner valve spring1693603
not illHD spring set193602/3C
15Spring retainer1693604
16Valve cotter3293605
17Head gasket193606
18Head to block nut1093496
19Plain washer1093570
20Camshaft housing294120
21Valve cover gasket294047
21Valve cover neoprene gasket294047R
22Rear cover293609
26Oil seal293611
27Cam follower193612
28Cam follower shim 0.060" to 0.167" in graduations of .001". State size when ordering.A/R93613
29Cam housing gasket293614
31Standard thrust washer294061
34Cam housing nut2093483
36Inlet cam cover194041
37Oil filler cap kit193621A
38Oil cap seal193622
39Exhaust cam cover193623
40Cam cover bolt1293493
42Seloc washer1293610
not illUpper gasket set193426

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Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
LOCTITE 518-31 gasket eliminator
Replaces cam tower gasket. Also seals main bearing ladder to block. One tube normally does several engines.
HYLOMAR - Factory specified for sealing cylinder liner flange, cam cover gaskets and numerous other uses requiring a high temp (to 600oF) gasket dressing or eliminator.A/R85249
Liner extractor tool.
Allows removal of liners from block without breakage. Save our liners and your core deposit by borrowing this tool free of charge, but a penalty will be assessed for tools kept over thirty days. Use hand tools only as air wrenches tend to strip threads. A substantial deposit is required to guarantee its prompt return.
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