Crankshaft, Flywheel & Pistons

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Crankshaft assy194045
2.2 stroker crankA/R94045S
2Pilot bearing191823
Pilot bushingA/R91823A
3Flywheel dowel293506
4Flywheel bolt693507
6Ring gear193509
7Main bearing set-Specify size.193510
8Thrust washer. Specify std. .0025, .005, .0075, .01, or .015 O/S.293513
10Lipseal, late type194068
not illSeal, rope type293514
13Crank pulley key193515
14Exchange P&L assy. Rebored liners with new pistons and rings. Specify std. or high compression1Use Components
15Piston rings set, Modv193998
15Piston rings set, Deves193998D
16Standard compression piston. Specify std. or O/S.493516D
High compression piston. Please phone us to discuss pistons as we stock 2.0 L & 2.2 L strokers as well as several compression hights for competition, turbo, etc.493516F
19Bush-small end493521
21Rod bolt893523
22Rod bearing set. Specify size. Caution: a few blocks are bored for oversize O.D. main bearings.193524

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