Rear Axle

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Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Axle assembly192979
7Differential cover193806
8Housing cover gasket193807
11Filler plug193810
13Differential assembly194085
16Differential bearing293815
17Gear & pinion 3.72:1194111
18Differential pinion293817
19Pinion shaft193818
20Diff side gear293819
23Side spacer 0.100 in.A/R93822
Side spacer 0.101 in.A/R93823
24Shim 0.001 in.A/R93824
25Rear pinion bearing193825
26Pinion shim 0.003 inA/R93826
Pinion shim 0.005 inA/R93827
Pinion shim 0.010 inA/R93828
27Collapsible spacer193829
29Front pinion bearing193831
30Oil seal193832
31Flange oil slinger assembly193833
32Oil slinger193834
33Nut, flange to shaft193835
34Axle shaft293836
35Bearing, oil seal & O-Ring assembly293837A
40Wheel hub bolt893841
41Propshaft assembly
'73 4-speed190945
'74 4-speed192911
42U/joint 2-7/16" 73 JH 4-speed293011
U/joint 2-15/16" 74 JH 4-speed294425
not illOne-piece propshaft 5-speed197336A
not illU/joint for above197336U

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