Front Suspension And Crossmember

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1Crossmember assembly191498
2Bump stop291285
3Mounting assembly291281
4Top mount bolt291282
6Rear mount bolt298195
10Locking nut265407
11Upper arm assembly291289
12Prothane upper A arm bushings (Set of 4)1 setDMS93200
13Ball joint assembly293201
19Upper arm bolt291290
20Special washer491323
22LH lower arm assembly191291
RH lower arm assembly191292
23Prothane lower A arm bushing2DMS93206
25Ball joint assembly293207
32Lower arm bolt291325
35'73 LH vertical link191287
'74 LH vertical link194620
'73 RH vertical link191288
'74 RH vertical link194619
36LH steering arm193212
RH steering arm193211
37Damper assembly (See KYB Shocks)2KG5501MOD
40Upper fixing bolt291282
42Outer bracket291297
43Inner bracket291298
44Lower fixing bolt291300
46Bracket to arm nut265406
48Coil spring291194
not illHD spring, pairA/R44-JHF
49Coil spring seat291315
50Strut rod291309
51Locking nut491314A
52Cup washer491313
53Bushing/sleeve assembly (The originals are no longer available so we have had these heavy duty replacements made in polyurethane. All four must be replaced at the same time. Includes spacer tubes. Order 2 kits per car.)2DMS91310/1
56Strut rod bolt465021
58Locking nut465407
60Locking nut265406

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