ADDCO Sway Bars

To give the serious driving enthusiast the control he demands, whether for street performance or competition. These sway bars use the torsional strength of 7/8" cold drawn high carbon steel to reduce the annoying roll and pitch found in stock Jensen-Healeys. By connecting the left and right suspension units,the forces are equalized, giving flat, positive cornering with amazingly precise steering and an appreciable reduction of "float" at high speeds. Each bar is boxed with a complete set of hardware and easy to follow instructions.

* It is very important that these bars are fitted in pairs. If you replace only the front, it will tend to cause understeer (or to push the front end).

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
Front Sway Bar Kit* 101
Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
Rear Sway Bar Kit* 237
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