Front Hub And Disc Brake

Plate Ref. No.DescriptionQuan. per vehJensen Part No.
1RH disc shield193229
LH disc shield193230
10Tab washer493240
12Wheel to hub stud893841
13Oil seal inner shield pre Jan'74293241
14Oil seal, Nilos
Ask us about special installation.
15Collar, post Jan'74294213
Shield, pre Jan'74293242
16Inner bearing293214
17Outer bearing293215
19Hub to link nut293244
20Nut retainer293245
21Split pin294208
22Grease cap293217
23Caliper mount bolt493246
25RH caliper assembly - rebuilt exchange164032669R
LH caliper assembly - rebuilt exchange164032668R
26Bleeder screw293032
27Caliper kit193031
28Caliper piston493030
29Brake pad set, ceramic1GDB535
30Pad retain pin kit1LDP1
32Anti-squeal shims1SP4077

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